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What To Expect in Your Dissertation Defense Presentation
If you’re approaching the final weeks of your dissertation writing journey, you may be wondering about what to expect in your dissertation defense presentation. Exactly what happens after you hit the “submit” button, and how can you prepare for that all-important presentation day? Here’s a q...
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Do I need to be a genius to do a doctorate degree?
The quick answer to this question is no: you don’t need to be abnormally “smart” to do a doctorate degree, but you do need a specialized set of skills and characteristics. Completing a doctorate degree is not easy, but the idea that only geniuses become doctors is a misconception. In fact, you...
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Sections to Include in Your Dissertation Introduction
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The Top 6 PhD Podcasts for Surviving Your Dissertation
Back in August, I promised you a post with my line-up of fantastic PhD podcasts for dissertation students - so here it is! In this post, I’ll share six of my favorite research and study podcasts for dissertation students (and don't forget to check out the companion post 10 Essential Dissertation B...
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