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What Should Dissertation Feedback Look Like?
Dissertation supervisors are there to support you throughout your Ph.D. But what should their feedback actually look like? This guide answers that and more....
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Where Can You Go for Extra Help During Your Dissertation Research?
Five experts you can hire to help with your dissertation. Feeling overwhelmed with your dissertation research? You're not alone. Here's a list of experts who can help ensure your manuscript is the best it can be. You've spent years working toward your degree, thinking about your ideal dissertation t...
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Three Apps for Being A Grad Student and Parenting at the Same Time
Parenting while doing a grad degree is really hard work. Here are the three apps that I use to make the balance bearable....
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How to Write a Dissertation Discussion Section: Including Recommendations
Working on—or planning—your dissertation discussion section? Don't forget the recommendations. This post will take you through some top tips for writing sharp, insightful recommendations. The discussion chapter is the final chapter in most dissertations, and the recommendations section is a key ...
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Do you struggle to know whether a source is credible and acceptable for use in dissertation work? 

This quick checklist will help you improve your source quality for faster draft approval.

*Please note that academic results will vary from student to student.
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