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“Jennifer is very easy to work with and gets your work back well ahead of time! I am looking forward to being a client of hers for many years to come!”
-Yonaton Yares

My name is Dr. Jen Harrison, and my job is to help you get past the dissertation finish line.


I earned my PhD in 2009 from the University of Wales, and since then I have worked in academia as a professorwriting instructor, and published researcher at a number of institutions worldwide, including the University of Wales, Birkbeck College London, and East Stroudsburg University.

As well as publishing books and articles in my own field (children’s literature), I have served as an editor and reviewer for a number of peer-reviewed publications, as well as freelancing as an academic editor.

Over the past year, I have helped more than 20 graduate students successfully finish their degrees. Can I help you finish your dissertation successfully? The qualifications below speak for themselves…

Quality dissertation support depends on academic experience. Browse my CV and certificates below for details of my experience in:

Graduate teaching  |  Academic writing and publishing  |  Online teaching  |  Writing instruction

And when I’m not helping you crush your dissertation goals? 

Well, I’m a mom of two boys, and minder (to date) of two cats and one betta fish. I drink gallons of tea and am addicted to very creamy, very sugary instant coffee. 

In my spare time I’m a boxer, knitter, sewer, book-binder, (bad) guitar player, and (worse) gardener. In other words, I am distracted by every new hobby I see. 

I live in the wild woods of Pennsylvania, and wear very sensible shoes. And I’m always thrilled to meet new students.

Yonaton Yares

“Jennifer is very easy to work with and gets your work back well ahead of time! I am looking forward to being a client of hers for many years to come!”

Milton Marcelo

"Not only did she review grammar and spelling mistakes, but she also helped me with the flow, making sure that everything would make sense. I definitely recommend her for anyone who needs a high quality and thorough service. It turns out that I got a First Class grade and she is part of this achievement. Thank you very much, Jen."

Holly Wells

“Jen worked quickly and efficiently, communicating regularly whenever she had a question, and I appreciated her diligence and care.”

Megan Smith

“Students seem to genuinely appreciate that she cares and wants them to improve and teach them life skills to succeed. Jen's emotional intelligence is enormous and she is incredibly dedicated..”

Janice Domaschenz

I am glad I found Jen! She helps hold me accountable and collaborates with me to set clear expectations.  She offered sound suggestions that helped improve my quality of work. I love that our sessions are recorded, and I can access them anytime. 

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