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Improve your confidence and grades with graduate studies coaching from PhD tutor Dr. Jen Harrison.

“I got a First Class grade and Jen is part of this achievement. 
Thank you very much, Jen!” — Milton Marcelo*

Usually $197 – Free if you book today.
No fee, no obligation – just three next steps to get you back on track.
PhD coaching can help you make real progress.

What is Dissertation Coaching?


I will help you stay focused and on track by…
Providing deadlines and to-do lists
Tracking your progress
Offering regular check-ins


I will help your do your best work by…
Tutoring you in writing & research
Teaching you best practices
Mentoring you to work independently


I will help you stay motivated and engaged by…
Being excited about your work, even when you’re not
Offering wellness and self-care advice

How Does it Work?

Finishing a thesis is about more than just the research. With comprehensive dissertation coaching from Dr Jen Harrison, you get start-to-finish support from someone who really cares and listens.
Say goodbye to long waits for advisor support and get ready to make some real dissertation progress with expert coaching from Read.Write.Perfect.
Book a back-on-track session
Usually $197 – Free if you book today.
No fee, no obligation – just three next steps to get you back on track.

Eliminate your confusion and uncertainty

We’ll have live sessions to work through your writing and research road-blocks.


Reduce the time you spend on false starts and dead ends

I’ll provide you with continuous guidance and detailed draft feedback.

Get organized and maximize your time

We’ll set goals and action lists targeted to your project and timeline.

Avoid the technical headache of formatting, referencing, and citation

I’ll edit your manuscript for you to the style guide of your choice.

Yonaton Yares

Milton Marcelo

"Not only did she review grammar and spelling mistakes, but she also helped me with the flow, making sure that everything would make sense. I definitely recommend her for anyone who needs a high quality and thorough service. It turns out that I got a First Class grade and she is part of this achievement. Thank you very much, Jen."

Holly Wells

“Jen worked quickly and efficiently, communicating regularly whenever she had a question, and I appreciated her diligence and care.”

Megan Smith

“Students seem to genuinely appreciate that she cares and wants them to improve and teach them life skills to succeed. Jen's emotional intelligence is enormous and she is incredibly dedicated..”
Reham Fahad

Reham Fahad

"I highly recommend that any graduate student works with Dr. Harrison; she will help you to arrive at your defense day sooner and with confidence!"

Frequently asked questions

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How Does Dissertation Coaching Work?
When you book a dissertation coaching package, you will receive a number of one-on-one virtual sessions of up to one hour at a time, in which we will discuss your progress and problems and formulate workable solutions, techniques, and strategies. 

You will also have the ability to reach out 24/7 for help or feedback. 

To help you stay on track and productive, you will receive written summaries of our sessions, which will include goals, action-items, and strategies targeted to your project. 

Finally, you will have the opportunity to request written feedback on and editing of your manuscript drafts, including corrections to your grammar, expression, formatting, referencing, and citations (depending on the package you book)
Can you help with any field of research?
Definitely. Over the years, I have coached students in all fields and areas of research, from biology, political science, and philosophy to hospitality studies, leadership and management studies, and anthropology.

I can support students working with both qualitative and quantitative data, as well as mixed-methods studies and textual analyses. I also have a research specialism in children’s literature, so if you work in the field of children’s studies, I can offer specialized content support.

Please note, however, that the coaching I provide is in writing and research techniques - I cannot provide subject-content tuition (except in children’s studies)!
Are you qualified to help me?
Absolutely! I hold a PhD from the University of Wales, as well as a teaching qualification; I have taught academic writing for many years, have trained as an academic editor, and have supervised dissertation students across many fields throughout my career. I am also a published academic with a strong research profile in my field.
Can I try dissertation coaching out before I commit?
Back-on-Track Session” buttons anywhere on the page to book a free, no-obligation, 30-minute session with me and try out my services for yourself. We’ll start by diagnosing where you are stuck and creating a three-step “back-on-track” action plan to get you moving forward again. You can also ask any questions you might have about how coaching can help you from there on out.
What if coaching is not for me?
If you are not convinced by your Back-on-Track session, there is no obligation to book further sessions. First-time students can also withdraw from a paid package after the first paid session, no questions asked, with my full money-back guarantee.
What level of support will I get?
You can choose the level of dissertation coaching support that suits you best by selecting one of my  packages. From one-off problems to full-semester programs, I am happy to help you as much or as little as you like. Sessions are completely virtual, so even though I am based in northeastern PA, I can help you no matter where in the world you are based.

Get Started Today.

Need to know more? Not sure which package is right for you? 
Want to test how well we work together?
Book a Back-on-Track session now to get your first taste of how dissertation coaching can help you get organized, get motivated, and get past the finish line.

Usually $197, this session is free if you book today.

We’ll diagnose where you are stuck and you’ll leave the session with three clear strategies for progress –tailored just for you.

How You Can Benefit from My Dissertation Expertise…

Ready to start your journey toward better graduate studies help?
  • 10+ years’ academic experience means you enjoy expert advice

  • Specialism in research writing instruction and editing means your graduate writing will improve by leaps and bounds

  • Specialist training in ESL, research design, and academic formatting, referencing, and citation means I can take care of the technical aspects of your dissertation manuscript for you

  • Insider insights into the academic publishing process means you can feel confident presenting your graduate research to the wider academic community

  • Best of all, I am a PhD tutor, coach, and mentor who makes your success the top priority

Book a back-on-track session
Usually $197 – Free if you book today.
No fee, no obligation – just three next steps to get you back on track.
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After years of experience in these institutions, I’m ready to help you with your dissertation journey!

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