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Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast
Published:  2023-09-17
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Navigating Dissertation Challenges

In this inspiring episode of “Find Your Leadership Confidence,” host Vicki Noethling engages in a captivating conversation with the esteemed Dr. Jennifer Harrison, a seasoned dissertation coach and PhD holder herself. During the episode, Vicki delves into pressing questions, such as how to discern if pursuing a dissertation or graduate degree aligns with one’s aspirations and what individuals can anticipate in their graduate journey. Dr. Harrison also candidly addresses the key challenges that often plague dissertation students and imparts invaluable strategies for surmounting these obstacles.
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All Figured Out Podcast
Published:  2023-01-03

Figuring out if more education is what you need to grow.

Thinking you should do an MBA? Or does a “Dr” in front of your name have you interested in pursuing your PhD? Dr. Jen Harrison is a PhD, highly experienced dissertation coach and mom of two. Because she works with so many folks who are tackling higher education, I’ve brought Dr. Jen on to share her thoughts on when and why a person should further their education to support their life and career goals.
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Fourcast Media Podcast Network
Published:  2023-04-01

Navigating Graduate School with Dr. Jennifer Harrison

In this episode of Stop, Look & Listen, LeTroy Gardner interviews Dr. Jennifer Harrison, an author, professor, published researcher and writing and dissertation coach. Dr. Harrison shares her inspiration for becoming a dissertation coach and discusses the common challenges students face when working on their dissertations. She also talks about her work with first-generation, ESL and non-traditional students and shares a success story of a student she has coached. Dr. Harrison offers advice for those considering pursuing a graduate degree and discusses the benefits of having a PhD in certain fields or industries. She also addresses the issue of imposter syndrome and provides strategies for overcoming it. Finally, Dr. Harrison talks about her services and her thoughts on ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence chatbots in higher education.
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The PhD Life Raft Podcast
Published:  2023-03-06

What to do if you feel like you don’t belong in academia

In this episode we talk about the feeling that you don’t belong in academia. Jen highlights the fact that learning at undergraduate and even Masters level does not prepare you for the level of work and type of work required for the PhD.
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The PhD Place
Published:  2023-08-26

Your Personal Guide To Dissertation Defense

Discover effective strategies for dissertation defense preparation, presentation techniques, and managing those nerve-wracking moments. Gain valuable insights from the personal perspective of a professional coach.
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From PhD to Life
Published:  2022-12-11

Career Leverage

A conversation about the challenges dissertators face, and how folks can better leverage their dissertation (specifically) as career preparation.
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