Three Exciting Young Adult Literature Dissertation Topic Prompts

Est. Reading: 2 minutes

Are you thinking about doing a dissertation in young adult literature and wondering what a good topic might be?

Here are three prompts to get you started!

Posthumanism and YA Bodies

Questions to ask yourself:

How do novels approach young adult agency when it comes to physical boundaries? Do YA texts offer space for physical ambiguity or do they encourage readers to choose a category? Are posthuman explorations confined to YA fiction or do they appear in non-fiction texts as well?

What to read to get started:

JEDI in Young Adult Texts

Questions to ask yourself:

Do texts written for young people encourage and support real societal change, or limit themselves to exposing and lamenting problems? Do these texts provide practical models for JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion)? How inclusive is YA publishing? How diverse is representation in YA texts of non-white bodies and cultures?

What to read to get started:

Space for Questioning in Non-Fiction?

Questions to ask yourself:

Do YA non-fiction texts leave space for critical thinking, innovation, and thinking outside of the box? Do YA non-fiction texts provide diverse representations of STEAM? Do YA non-fiction text encourage a love of knowledge for its own sake, or is there an emphasis on career development?

What to read to get started:

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